In the market for a soft-walled or steel-walled chamber?

These video illustrations will give a glimpse at the ease of chamber installation and operation. 
OxyHealth chambers are made to take the complication out of the treatment process.  See how quickly chambers can be up and running in a fraction of the once conventional time of operating hyperbaric chambers.

The Fortius steel system can be maneuvered into convention clinics and offices, with little to no patient down-time.  In fact, from the point of sale, these chambers can be installed and running within the week.

The Vitearis, Respiro, and Solace continue to be the new hyperbaric industry ‘staples’ to combat hypoxia issues.  These chambers can be ordered, received and set up in a matter of days, with plenty of time to train staff.  It’s a matter of opening the boxes, connecting a few tubes to the chamber, and powering it up. 

And, remember, customers can call their sales representative or customer care agent for ANY questions—yes, even the ones that come from disbelief at how easy it all is!

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