OxyHealth LLC

OxyHealth. The leader of the hyperbaric revolution. In only ten years time, OxyHealth has brought over 8500 chambers to market! That’s a staggering 1.8 MILLION treatments PER YEAR administered in OxyHealth chambers. That is more chambers sold and more treatments administered overall than all the other chamber manufacturers combined!

Fact: OxyHealth chambers are the number one chamber in use by physicians and clinics.

And with good reason. OxyHealth tests its chambers to standards WELL ABOVE medical industry requirements. Now you may not know this, but OxyHealth started out as “the underdog” in an “established” hyperbaric world, based largely on diving medicine. So, from the beginning, OxyHealth had to prove itself at every step. Under these sometimes outrageous bars of proof OxyHealth had to rise to and surpass the bar. Ironically, today OxyHealth sets standards that others strive to meet. It is precisely for this reason that even today, OxyHealth preserves high caliber, medical-grade chamber quality from urethane bodies to the smallest component. Chambers undergo a multi-stage inspection at the research, manufacturing, assembly and shipping levels to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

Did you know? OxyHealth does a “burst” test to maintain quality.

What is a “burst” test? (This really is a fun test.) Chambers are literally inflated to the point of destruction—just to make sure that this point exceeds any pressure the chamber will be withstanding during occupancy.

Did you know? Each window and seam is “stress-tested” to stretch and hold a certain number of pounds of pressure (again a number of pounds far above the recommended guideline).

You get the picture. OxyHealth is serious about safety.


"OxyHealth chambers are the most reliable portable chambers on the market."