Hyperbaric Chamber Rentals
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Hyperbaric Chamber Rental Program

OxyHealth, LLC provides an additional option for clients with short-term Hyperbaric Treatment needs:

The Rental Program-

You may have made the decision to purchase the specialized chamber for HBOT, but you would still feel more comfortable if you could "try one on" before committing to the final purchase. Or, you may have a short-term need for the HBOT chamber, but you want the quality and convenience of treating at home. OxyHealth's rental program allows you to rent a Vitaeris 320 or Respiro 270 chamber on a monthly basis. If you decide to purchase, the entire deposit and any monthly rental fees paid will be applied towards the purchase of the chamber.

For additional information regarding the cost of Hyperbaric Treatment or renting a chamber, please contact a representative at OxyHealth, LLC.

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the Vitaeris 320

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